Coco Chanel

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Shredding The Sheep

Topman is one of those high street stores that always delivers, and their A/W 2010-2011 design collection looks to be another massive HIT !

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Don't really have the words to sum up last night , but The Maccabees completely rocked out the NME tour in Brixton Academy ! The guys are amazing live, and this being the first time I've seen them , i cant shut up abut the magic that was last night. Thanks to two of my extremely amazing friends i now have a new obsession and this one sure isn't going anywhere ! Since i got home today I've been listening to the 'WALL OF ARMS' and each and every song has something different about it that i love -Match made in heaven ! Cant wait to see them again soon, fingers crossed for THE READING FESTIVAL !
'Gotta' love THE MACCABEES
Special thanks to Donna and Robyn
p.s check out Orlando Weeks ...oh my !

Sunday, 14 February 2010

ALL good things must come to an END

I didn't want to say goodbye Instead I wanted to say hi !

Friday, 12 February 2010

Beautiful and accomplished SAYURI

After a good tip off from one of my dear friends, i was forced to buy 'The memoirs of a Geisha'.
I've heard so much about the film before ( it was released in 2005) , but i never really liked the idea of it..well how wrong was i ?!! After buying the DVD for only £3 in HMV sale, i finally came to watch it tonight, and it is beautiful. The story is amazing, the set is so peaceful, the way they live , eat and do every day things its just breathtaking and of course the gorgeous silk kimonos.
The clothes they have used for this film are stunning, they actually won an Oscar just for that!
Through out the whole film i had one image in my head, it probably doesn't relate to the film at all but it did to me, the bit where Carrie Bradshaw in SATC 1 took off her snood in the Mexican resort , and revealed the Dior Couture pink coat with crystals...that coat just reminds me soo much of this film ...amazing ! Above are some designs from Dior's Couture collection inspired by Geisha's , and a silk Alexander McQueen kimono and some very high Japanese inspired shoes.
I actually want to visit Japan and explore all the hidden places ......and have tea with a Geisha of course .
A MUST BUY for everyone !This film its Gorgeous in every way !




Yesterday afternoon i heard the terrible news that the designer and founder of Alexander McQueen , Lee McQueen had been found dead in his London town house. The tragic news come only 12 days after his mother Joyce passed away.
Everyone loved his creations, from Nicole Richie wearing his skull scarfs, to Lady GaGa his 12 inch heels and Kate Moss his dresses.
I cant Salute his designer imagination enough in this post, I can write 9000 words but that wouldn't do him justice. He was and WILL be a genius to remember, there is no one else in the industry that does what he did best. The fashion show sets were always different and inspiring, you would always have to expect the unexpected with Alexander . The west end boy has been at the height of fashion since the early 90's.
To be honest i don't know what to say as it such a massive blow to the industry , it will never be the same. I might have not know him or met him but in my opinion he touched everyone in a different way. He knew what people wanted out of clothes.

Alexander McQueen made an outstanding contribution to British fashion, that was loved all over the world.
Today thousands of Industry insiders have been paying respect to his work, Alexander Shulman( British Vogue), Nicolas Ghesquiere ( Balenciaga), Matthew Williamson, Marc Jacobs, Kathrine Hamnnett, Jean Paul Gaultier,John Galliano, Giorgio Armani, Frida Giannini, Donatella Versace, Donna Karan, Christopher Bailey, Phillip Tracy, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham.
Karl Lagerfel - 'I'ts a loss to the fashion industry. His story was one of success and talent, but that may not be enough to keep you alive. After hearing the tragic loss Anna Wintour left a New York fashion show whilst the models were walking down the runway. These are just a few people that he touched ,there are millions more out there.
Only 2 weeks ago i posted a story about his amazing s/s 2010 collection, and how i would love for him to do a collaboration with H&M.
Today we are left to wonder if his extremely successful fashion house will go on and hire a new head of design ( after all that's what he wanted, as in an interview he once said he hopes the company keeps on running after him ), or they will stop it all together. Gucci own %51 of McQueen, so they are sure to find a new talented designer to keep doing what Lee( Alexander) did best, but it will never ever be the same. There is no one else like him out there , no one ! I hope that his funeral is a massive celebration of his gorgeous work , after all i think he would want us to keep his legacy alive and praise his work..I'm going to look over my magazines and see what i perhaps hadn't spotted before, lets admire the genius that was Alexander McQueen !




Thursday, 11 February 2010






Sunday, 7 February 2010

Jesus is a superstar

At the Dior show, trying to fight my way backstage to get a quote from John Galliano, I nearly fell over a tiny, grey-haired woman who, from the back, I took to be a septuagenarian Japanese fashion fanatic, as she was dressed head-to-toe in Comme des Garçons. When she was ushered into the inner sanctum before me, and turned around, I saw, with a sick lurch, that it was actually Tavi Gevinson…Had I not been so busy trying to attract Galliano’s attention, I would have asked Mr Gevinson why he thought it was right to take his daughter out of school to go to haute couture shows, where she would be treated like a celebrity by paparazzi? Or why he thought it OK for her to model for Pop and Love magazines last year?”




Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress

Whilst having quiet a depressive day listening to 'Everybody Hurts', i came across a new high street / celebrity collaboration... How many times do people have to make the same mistake to LEARN? This time the victim is New Look and their S/S2010 advertising campaign ... they have hired the 'grunge face' that is Taylor Momsen...( now first of all i think the girls needs to get a slap from her mother, for dressing like a **** at the age of 16, but then apparently her mom is her style icon......interesting).

New Look , to me just resembles one of those extremely cheap brands that don't seem to be making the effort , ( don't know about ladies wear ) and with most of the clothes covered in bright prints, that you need 3D glasses for, EMOS are sure to be their best supporters ....whatever happened to the good old black and white Chanel glamour?

We do need to give New Look a little credit for having Alexa Chung last year as their advertising girl, but that's understandable the girl is fuming hot, and knows more about clothes then just throwing on a shirt and suspenders.

My disappointment goes out to the BRITISH HIGH-STREET once again !


Friday, 5 February 2010

A man has every season while a woman only has the right to spring

And the ladies sure do make most of Spring...

March issues of Vogue, Bazaar, Elle....... are all up for grabs in your local corner shops...and they are better than ever.

Vogues beautiful cover girl Alexa Chung makes the meaning ''Beauty comes from Within' fly out of the window.. Whilst Bazaar goes for the good old classic supermodel( the word is so over rated these days!)Cyndie Crawford. This months Bazaar looks more like a giant book than a magazine , but that can only put a smile on my face, and instead of having the normal magazine pages they have gone for more of a newspaper feel...love it ! The editorials are very beautiful but i must admit i do prefer Vogues styling( China White spread is incredible) ...but then i should love Vogue more ....the price has gone up to £4 !!!!!!!!!( i always thought vogue was worth more than just £3.90 ...i am actually very glad its gone up ) !

above are some of the pictures that remind me of THE GOOD , WARM SPRING DAYS WHEN LADIES TAKE THE WHEEL BACK IN CHARGE .....The last picture might confuse some people but when i watched Avatar , it reminded me of summer so much...the trees, the water, and THEM gorgeous blue people.
p.s lets be realistic women are the ones who rule the world !! ( yes i really did just say it)