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Friday, 5 February 2010

A man has every season while a woman only has the right to spring

And the ladies sure do make most of Spring...

March issues of Vogue, Bazaar, Elle....... are all up for grabs in your local corner shops...and they are better than ever.

Vogues beautiful cover girl Alexa Chung makes the meaning ''Beauty comes from Within' fly out of the window.. Whilst Bazaar goes for the good old classic supermodel( the word is so over rated these days!)Cyndie Crawford. This months Bazaar looks more like a giant book than a magazine , but that can only put a smile on my face, and instead of having the normal magazine pages they have gone for more of a newspaper feel...love it ! The editorials are very beautiful but i must admit i do prefer Vogues styling( China White spread is incredible) ...but then i should love Vogue more ....the price has gone up to £4 !!!!!!!!!( i always thought vogue was worth more than just £3.90 ...i am actually very glad its gone up ) !

above are some of the pictures that remind me of THE GOOD , WARM SPRING DAYS WHEN LADIES TAKE THE WHEEL BACK IN CHARGE .....The last picture might confuse some people but when i watched Avatar , it reminded me of summer so much...the trees, the water, and THEM gorgeous blue people.
p.s lets be realistic women are the ones who rule the world !! ( yes i really did just say it)



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  1. I did hear about Alexa Chung being in Vogue but I hardly ever buy it, I usually only buy teenVogue as it is more aimed at my age group.

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