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Friday, 12 February 2010

Beautiful and accomplished SAYURI

After a good tip off from one of my dear friends, i was forced to buy 'The memoirs of a Geisha'.
I've heard so much about the film before ( it was released in 2005) , but i never really liked the idea of it..well how wrong was i ?!! After buying the DVD for only £3 in HMV sale, i finally came to watch it tonight, and it is beautiful. The story is amazing, the set is so peaceful, the way they live , eat and do every day things its just breathtaking and of course the gorgeous silk kimonos.
The clothes they have used for this film are stunning, they actually won an Oscar just for that!
Through out the whole film i had one image in my head, it probably doesn't relate to the film at all but it did to me, the bit where Carrie Bradshaw in SATC 1 took off her snood in the Mexican resort , and revealed the Dior Couture pink coat with crystals...that coat just reminds me soo much of this film ...amazing ! Above are some designs from Dior's Couture collection inspired by Geisha's , and a silk Alexander McQueen kimono and some very high Japanese inspired shoes.
I actually want to visit Japan and explore all the hidden places ......and have tea with a Geisha of course .
A MUST BUY for everyone !This film its Gorgeous in every way !


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