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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Here come the .....BOYS

Enough of the Girl power for a moment..this is for all the blokes out there..you might wonder why I've posted a load of random pictures of very stylish guys, well its because I LOVE what they are wearing ..!
Lets start with the always immaculate Brad Goreski ( from the Rachel Zoe project),rocking them bow ties with blazers and vintage Chanel satchel.
Then ther's the young and slightly punk, Andreas Stil with his vintage biker leather jacket- i thought it was from the new H&M Divided Grey section, but he e-mailed me with the sad news that it was passed down to him from his dads friend...
Then ther's the beautiful coat from Burberry's a/w 2010-2011 collection, that was shown this week in Milan ...i adore that coat , and you can transfer it into a jacket ! its like Tescos buy 1 get 1 free, but Burberry!
You might wonder why is there a random studded leather jacket in the middle of all of these pictures, well i actually purchased that jacket form the 'Matthew Williamson H&M' range last year for only £30 ( it was £180 !!!!!!), and i haven't really had a chance to wear it yet, so one of my new year resolutions is to wear it to death ...As the beautifully soft cows leather will get even better with ageing.
I might actually give it a little walk around tomorrow , it is Matthew Williamson at the end of the day !

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