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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Polyvore Fantasy Heaven

In order of appearance
* Alexa Chung and her super urban London chic look . i included the 'Alexa mulberry bag' , stripey top, and a burberry trench coat...London Chic !
* Nicole Richie and her to die for Boho/Hippy heaven..i absolutely adore this collage, i included a vintage maxi dress, a Hollywood mansion, a ton of 'House of Harlow 1960' jewelery and the balenciaga 'city' bag in white
*Carrie Bradshaw and her Up town New York look. i included a lot of heavy jewelery like studded givenchy bangles, a Halston Jumpsuit , quirky Chanel cube bag, and Carries apple lap top ....LOVE

Yesterday one of my dear Reading friends suggested i have a look at a new website she had found...and to be honest i didn't have a clue what it was as i have never heard of it before , but wow i was in for a shocker !!!
I stayed up till 2am last night 'fiddling with Alexa Chung's, Nicole Richie's and Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobes ' .
This website allows you to make collages out of anything and everything you can possibly think of , they have absolutely all designer and all items on there ( from Chanel, to topshop , h&m,Lanvin, McQueen , .............). You can also add music, text, background or import your own stuff in your little piece of art...this has to be my discovery of the year( with a little help of my friend)..not only it's an amazing time waster, it allows you to get inspired and imagine what styling is really like ,and to be honest girls , it hard !( took me ages to find the perfect black super high shoes for Carrie, i settled for L.A.M.B)
I'm planning on making more and more of these in the near future....my new obsession

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