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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

HOLA ! USTED ES ATRACTIVA ( hi! you are hot )

'Walk , walk fashion baby work it move that bitch crazy '

Now lets talk BIG !! Apart from my all time favourites , the Couture queen herself Miss. Daphne Guinness, the queen of Peace, Love and Hippy's Nicole Richie, and the modern 'trend-setter' Chery Cole, i have another even bigger star that i adore to pieces. This lady is my all time favourite queen of Funky fashion , i introduce the legend that is Anna Dello Russo. She's the fashion director and creative consultant for Vogue Nippon. She's bold, unique and fearless. And unlike her fellow 'Vogguetes' Anna Wintour ( Vogue USA) and Carine Roitfeld( Vogue France) she never repeats her outfits , witch means her wardrobe must stretch longer than Amazon ! Did i mention no one knows how old this walking feather is ?! Shes like heroin but healthy..

Check out the pictures of her 'cutting throats' with her killer outfits..and feel free to dribble..


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